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Mexican Chispazo Lottery

Chispazo is a popular Mexican Lottery. Are you interested to participate in one of the draws? Then it’s time to buy a ticket. But first, we’ll tell you how this lottery works.

Pick your (favorite) numbers for Chispazo

First of all, you need to buy a ticket for the Chispazo Online lottery. Then you have to select five main numbers from a range of 1 to 28. You can choose your numbers manually by using your own favorite numbers, such as your birth day or favorite numbers. Another option is ‘Quick Pick’, which means that a random set of numbers for your ticket is selected. After your ticket has been processed, it will be scanned into your personal account. You can see the numbers in the account whenever you want until the draw.

When is the draw?

Chispazo’s draws take place every day. During the draw, five winning numbers are drawn from a drum of balls numbered from 1 to 28. Monday and Sunday are exciting days in Mexico, because at 15:00 and 21:15 local Mexican time the lottery draws take place. Hopefully you’ll become a winner. To find out if luck is at your side, compare your five selected numbers to the winning numbers of the draw. If they match, your life will be changed forever.

Prizes in Chispazo are determined by the number of matching numbers. The more numbers players have correct, the bigger the prize. There are different prize categories, ranging from matching one number to matching all five numbers.

The Jackpot Chispazo Online Lottery

The Jackpot of the Chispazo Online Lottery can go up to 200,000 Mexican Pesos, which is currently 92807 euros. The total amount of money depends on the ticket sales, which means that the actual prize can be either higher or lower than the amount advertised on the website of the lottery.
What if there are several winners or no Jackpot winner at all?
Sometimes there’s no Jackpot winner. In that case the winnings are given to the second division winner. Or perhaps more participants were lucky, which is obviously good news. If this happens, the prize is evenly split between several people.

Other prize divisions and winning odds
To end up in the remaining 3 prize divisions you must match 4, 3 or 2 of the winning numbers that appear during the draw. It’s really worth it to buy a ticket for the Chispazo Online Lottery, since the winning odds can be as low as 1:98.280. Perhaps you’ll win a great prize!