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Mexican Melate Lotto

How to participate in the Mexican Melate Lotto?Do you like to test your luck in this lottery? Luckily, signing up is really easy. Create an online account with your personal details and make sure it’s correct. Then select your favorite numbers. It’s possible to do this manually, but the Quick Pick is an option as well. In that case the computer selects the numbers for you. If you prefer to buy a ticket in a store, make sure that you keep your ticket as safe as possible. It’s a very important document that can be worth a lot when you win. After a win you have to show the ticket with the winning numbers to the lottery provider.

How much does a lottery Mexico ticket cost?

A Mexican Lottery ticket doesn’t cost much, only 15 Mexican Pesos. This is 0,69 eurocents or 0,78 Dollars! The exact costs of your ticket depends on the number of combinations you play with. You can register your number combinations online or at one of the thousands of lottery agencies all over Mexico.

Everyone benefits from this lottery
Everyone benefits from the Mexican Melate Lotto. The lottery players have a chance to win big and the organization behind the game has a big profit because of ticket selling. The general public benefits as well because of the donations to charities. It’s an important reason for many Mexicans to participate in this lottery. Everyone has fun, because the lottery rules are quite simple. It uses the so-called 6/39+B matrix. This means that as a player you have to choose six numbers from a pool which consist the numbers 1 to 39. After you’ve chosen the first six numbers an extra number is selected as well. It’s known as the ‘Bonus number’ and gives you an extra chance to win. However, it only determines the second, sixth and seventh prize tier winners.

How to choose your lucky numbers at the Melate Lotto?

Choosing the right numbers is important, but it can be quite difficult. If you need some help, just use the Quick Pick or the Melaniac. This is an easy method because the system automatically generates and selects random numbers for the draw next lottery draw. The Melate lotto is not the same as the retro Mexican lottery. Besides that, it’s also possible to use combinations of future draws at the same time. What’s more, you don’t have to pick some numbers for the next nine draws! If you like to use this method, ask an agent for a so-called ‘advance purchase’. Also tell him or her the number of Advance Draws you like to participate in.

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When do the Mexican Lotto draws take place?

Wednesday and Sunday are the two most exciting days in Mexico. Then at precisely 9.15 p.m. the Mexican Melate Lotto draws are held! You can buy your lottery tickets until one or two hours before the start of the draws, so make sure you’re not too late. In total seven balls are drawn during the draw. The first six numbers are first, followed by the Bonus numbers. All the numbers on your ticket have to match with all the numbers that appear during the draw. If that’s the case, you win a least 5 million dollars! Of course the chance that this will happen is not very big, 1 in 3.26 million to be precisely, but you never know. It could also be that there’s a match with 5 standard balls and the bonus balls. This is good news as well, since you end up with 40.000 Mexican Pesos. This is about 1845 euros and 2100 dollars. No millions, but it’s still a great feeling to win we guess!

Prize tiers
The Mexican Melate Lotto some other prize tiers as well, meant for players who have a ticket with at least 2 correct numbers out of six. You also win a small prize with 1 or 2 matching numbers and the bonus numbers, namely 15 Mexican Pesos for 2 matching numbers and the bonus number and 10 Mexican Pesos for one matching number and the bonus ball. This is More correct numbers means a higher prize tier and a bigger prize.
Why this lottery is worth it
Your chance of winning a prize in the Mexican Lotto, whether it’s a big one or not, is 1 in 15. The truth is that this is lower than many other lotteries, which makes the Mexican Lottery not the most popular lottery in the world. Although the winning odds of the Jackpot are quite small, the past has shown it’s definitely possible. The highest Jackpot ever took place in August 2013, when a player won 639,666,324 Mexican Pesos. This is 295,137,353 euros! Whether you decide to play online or buy a ticket in a store: you always have chance to win a life-changing amount of money. This makes participating the Mexican Melate Lotto absolutely worth it!