Change your life by winning the Mexican Melate Lotto

Becoming a millionaire without having to work hard: it sounds like a dream and something that will never happen. However, the results of the Mexican Melate Lotto have showed otherwise. Thanks to this popular lottery in Mexico a lot of people have become millionaires. This is not the only positive side of the lottery, since it also donates a part of its revenue to charities. A part of the money gained by the sale of lottery tickets is spend on good causes such as health, education and sports.

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the Mexican lottery market

The Mexico National Lottery, SORTEO GAMES and INTRALOT are the key of the Mexican lottery market, so the extensive market research report of Technavio concludes. In the rapport you can read a detailed and interesting analysis of market by platform, type and revenue distribution. What else can you expect?

Growth of the Mexican lottery market
According to the rapport, the Mexican lottery market will grow at a CAGR of almost ten percent during the forecast period. There are several driving factors of this growth, including the high potential return of investment (ROI). The rewards in the lottery market are usually monetary benefits and physical goods, which are based on the price and scheme of the Mexican lottery. An interesting thing about maximum winning Jackpots in Mexico is that they don’t have a limit. Although the winning chances are quite low, the ROI is high. Thus the consumer decides to invest, in the hope to win the Jackpot. This is an important factor that drives the growth of the Mexican gambling market.