Change your life by winning the Mexican Melate Lotto

Becoming a millionaire without having to work hard: it sounds like a dream and something that will never happen. However, the results of the Mexican Melate Lotto have showed otherwise. Thanks to this popular lottery in Mexico a lot of people have become millionaires. This is not the only positive side of the lottery, since it also donates a part of its revenue to charities. A part of the money gained by the sale of lottery tickets is spend on good causes such as health, education and sports.

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the Mexican lottery market

The Mexico National Lottery, SORTEO GAMES and INTRALOT are the key of the Mexican lottery market, so the extensive market research report of Technavio concludes. In the rapport you can read a detailed and interesting analysis of market by platform, type and revenue distribution. What else can you expect?

Growth of the Mexican lottery market
According to the rapport, the Mexican lottery market will grow at a CAGR of almost ten percent during the forecast period. There are several driving factors of this growth, including the high potential return of investment (ROI). The rewards in the lottery market are usually monetary benefits and physical goods, which are based on the price and scheme of the Mexican lottery. An interesting thing about maximum winning Jackpots in Mexico is that they don’t have a limit. Although the winning chances are quite low, the ROI is high. Thus the consumer decides to invest, in the hope to win the Jackpot. This is an important factor that drives the growth of the Mexican gambling market.

Increased popularity of smartphones and tablets
One of the most important trends the report detects in Mexico is the increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets. More and more lotteries use these electronic devices. They’ve become more digitized and establish websites and mobile apps to reach a wide audience. There’s definitely a need to be visible online, since it helps to increase offline sales. People simply buy their tickets online instead of visiting a retail store. Smartphones are used to compare lottery ticket prizes as well. If someone does want to visit a store to purchase a ticket, he or she uses the smartphone to find a place nearby. The fact that people buy tickets with mobile devices will be an important factor in the growth of the lottery market in the next four years, the rapport concludes.

Technical improvement and extreme competition
The preferences of the consumer, who is more digitally active than ever, are changing. There’s also quick technical improvement and extreme competition on the Mexican gambling market. Vendors have to look into these three risk factors when they want to enter the Mexican lottery market. The truth is that most market leaders use extreme marketing tactics. They’re not afraid to innovate, wide their current product lines and to invest in revamping. Because of this development new players are able to enter the online lottery market, and as a result the market growths. These new parties have a large market share because they’re able to attract new customers. Lottery number providers have the task to find and use effective strategies. Only if they do this, it’s possible to distinguish themselves with their products and services and to win from competitors. This is why they need to be aware of the current trends on the lottery market, the rapport states.

Key players of the Mexican lottery market
The research also named a couple of key vendors in the Mexican lottery market. Among them are the Mexican National Lottery, GAMES and INTRALOT. Other lottery types that play a key role in the market are instant lotteries, sports lotteries and draw-based lotteries. Examples of draw-based lotteries are Powerball, Lotto, sports and instant. It’s influence on the market is growing rapidly. What’s more, draw-based lotteries were the market leader in 2016 and instant lotteries are the fastest growing segment in the Mexican online lottery market. Draw-based is the most common lottery type in Mexico and researchers expect that it will keep domination for the next four years.

Offline and online market
The lottery market in Mexico can be divided in two types: offline and online. According to the market report of Technavio, offline lotteries still have the highest share on the market. In the upcoming years they will lead the market, which has always been the case. Especially people from with low-middle and low-incomes really like offline lotteries. Because of this and the fact that disposable incomes are rising, the market in Mexico will keep growing. It also contributes to the growth of the online lottery market.

Use of social media by lottery companies
Lottery companies use several promotion strategies to attract more customers. Social media is a relatively new way to reach a big audience. For example, a lottery company that has won a big prize shares this on Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Being active on social media has been a good idea for a lot of companies, since they saw the lottery ticket sales increase. Lottery vendors and winners also add Twitter feeds to promote Jackpots more often, which is an interesting development as well.

Which factors contribute to the growth of the Mexican lottery market?

In the Technavio report you can read several factors that contribute to the growth and adoption of the Mexican lottery market. The limitations and opportunities are identified as well. Each factor is thoroughly analyzed and the researchers estimate the extent to which the factors will impact the growth of Mexican lottery market. The report tries to answer the following important questions:

  • What key factors will drive the Mexican lottery market?
  • What will the market size and the growth rate be in 2021?
  • Which key market trends have an impact on the Mexican lottery market?
  • What are the challenges the market must deal with?
  • What are the market opportunities and threats and market opportunities for the vendors in the Mexican lottery market?
  • What are the main outcomes of the five forces analysis of the lottery market in Mexico?