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man wins a million dollars twice

Man wins two million dollar prizes the same day. Brand new winner Joe B said he and his wife had already planned what they will spend their money on.

As unbelievable as a man may seem, he managed to win a million dollar prize twice in Colorado, USA. The amazing event happened on March 25, but it was not until Monday, April 27, that he was able to claim the money.

The improbable event was corroborated through the website of the organization of the game Powerball, in which they point to Joe B as the winner. “He is incredibly lucky, not to be believed” describes the publication.

For a coffee craving a man became a millionaire
In addition, the organization explained that the big winner usually plays with the same numbers. “The man bought a few Powerball plays in the morning at the grocery store, and then stopped by and bought a few more in the afternoon.” published the Colorado lottery.

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